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27 Oct 2004 at 0:50a.m.


When Karl discovers that the cure to his life-and-death illness came from the outside world, the secret of the magic portal is revealed. It presents his family with the thrilling opportunity of returning home. But who's willing to take itXand what threat will it pose to the sanctity of the island paradise? When the secret of the magic portal is revealed, it offers Karl and his family the freedom to return home. But at what cost?

The Cure Part II
20 Oct 2004 at 0:50a.m.


In search of a cure for Karl's infection, David, LeSage, and tag-along Chasmosaur 26 survive passage through Dinotopia's secret portal only to end up in Budapest with no money, a language barrier, an extinct creature, and a dangerously inquisitive museum curator. Dinotopia's secret portal thrusts David, LeSage, and tag-along Chasmosaur 26 into Budapest on a quest for a cure to save Karl's life.

The Cure Part I
13 Oct 2004 at 0:50a.m.


When Karl is bitten by a rare and venomous mosquito, his only chance for survival is nowhere to be found on Dinotopia. That means David must embark upon an incredible journeyXwith LeSage along for the rideXthrough a magic portal in a desperate return to his own unfamiliar world. In order to save his brother's life, David embarks upon an incredible journey through a magic portal and back to his own now-unfamiliar world.

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